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Church Leadership

Our congregation is led by elders—women and men chosen by the congregation through a process of communal discernment and prayer. We believe these elders not only possess the gifts for carrying out the mission and ministry for which God has planted us in this place, but are persons of high integrity, clarity of vision, capable of embracing conflict constructively, honoring a wide variety of opinions and interests, and able to set aside personal agendas for the sake of the growth of the whole. These elders are divided into two groups: ruling elders and teaching elders.

Our ruling elders do not rule as do the rulers of this world, but are those called by the community to measure the spiritual health of the congregation, its sense of mission, and the movement of God among us. To rule comes from the Latin word, Regula, which even in ancient times referred to a model or pattern for life. Their role is to seek to pattern the life of the congregation after the way of Jesus Christ and they do so by seeking to live their lives in faith.

Our teaching elders, or pastors, are responsible for teaching and preaching the Word of God and ensuring that the way we practice the Sacraments forms us according to the way of Jesus Christ. They are set apart by the congregation (according to Acts 6) for the ministry of the Word so that they can be our chief storytellers - for without those who tend the Story and do so carefully and prayerfully, we believe we will lose our way. They also provide certain administrative functions as established by the ruling elders in order to guide our congregation.

Ministry among our elders is done in partnership, modeling the kind of relationships necessary to be a true community of Christ in our world.

2017 Elders


Rita Dei - Congregational Care

Dave Eaton - Southeast Asian

Sol Eufracio - Missions

Winston Fuller - Board of Property & Finance

Carolyn Gerheauser - Worship

Doug Lowe - Adult Education

Jesse Madsen - Board of Property & Finance

Lisa Matson - Nominating

Scott Matson - Board of Property & Finance

Wayne McMillen - Human Resources

Micah Qualle - Spiritual Life

Jane Reid - Clerk of Session

Linda Stolling - Children's & Youth