prayer + contemplation + song

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every third sunday at 6:00pm


What is Taizé?

Looking for a contemplative service?Taizé blends simple elements of prayer, song, and silence. The songs are taken from scripture and are simple one or two-line refrains, repeated multiple times. As the refrain is repeated, instrumental and vocal harmonies are brought in creating a rich texture, all while remaining focused on a simple lyric.

The history of Taizé

Taizé has an interesting history. Coming out of the desolation of WWII, a man known as Brother Roger found a small community of Christians in the French town of Taizé. Seeking to create a community of healing and refuge after the war, Brother Roger started the Taizé community to create a space for people to find God in the midst of brokenness. From this worshiping community, a very intimate and contemplative service evolved.


UPC hosts the service on the third Sunday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Come and experience the simplicity of this service.

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