This Sunday

This Sunday in worship (October 20, 2019) we continue with the seventh in the ten-part sermon series—The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus’ definitive sermon, found in Matthew 5-7, provides us with the insight we need to think with the mind of Christ as citizens of God’s kingdom in our everyday, ordinary lives. For the next ten weeks we’ll explore Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount so our thoughts can form in the lens of Jesus’ thoughts, and we can be formed to respond as He would, with love. This Sunday, we delve into Matthew 6:7-15, where Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer.

Sunday Groups

Adult Education: Join Dawn Lawrence for a series of Illuminating and formative conversation through C.S. Lewis’ masterful allegory on heaven and hell, The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. You don’t need to have read the book in order to participate.

Godly Play @ 9: Kathleen and Deborah

Godly Play @ 11: Elizabeth and Christy

Nursery: Open this Sunday with Angelica, Madison, and Dana

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